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Playing golf in South Texas can be a challenge for a number of reasons, the most significant being weather. Fall/Winter golf can be the most challenging, as we can see a week start out at 75 degrees only to see it end in the 50s. For that reason, it’s smart to have a varied array of pullovers to meet the season where it stands. After speaking to Antigua Golf about my typical needs, they set me up for the colder weather with a sampling from their Spring ‘18 line.

The Thunder pullover was the most technical of the three.  A polyester/spandex blend, it’s a pullover that doubles as light wet weather protection on top of superior wind-breaking abilities.  Late fall rounds here can get blustery, and I took the opportunity to use the Thunder in multiple range sessions – sessions that were windy and chilly, where I knew I would not be moving much.  Aside from absolute protection from the wind, what really impressed me about the Thunder was how little it restricted movement.  The fit was snug, so I at least expected some binding in my arms and upper back, which, for me is normal with a pullover made of technical fabric.  To my surprise, the Thunder moved with me, not against me, and after a few minutes, I forgot it was there, which is the highest praise I can give any piece of apparel.

The Profile is the most versatile of the three, offering light wet weather protection, light warmth and excellent wind-breaking capabilities in a single piece.  I (luckily) packed the Profile on a recent weekend outing to play golf in the Hill Country.  Midway into our second round, it began to rain.  The Profile kept me warm and dry for the duration of the showers.  During dry, cool play, the Profile never restricted movement or bound up during the swing.  The Profile was also a suitable pullover for a casual dinner out after the round.  It fits true to size and I got a few questions in the pro shop about it, given the unusual color scheme.  A jack-of-all-trades, the Profile is an excellent compromise between full weather protection and unrivaled comfort.

The single-trick pony of the bunch, the Voyage does one thing really well – retain warmth.  A double-knit polyester pullover, the Voyage was downright hot during milder range sessions.  I have yet to have a chance to play in truly cold conditions with the Voyage, but I am confident it will perform as good as a sweater, but with the performance of the Thunder – no binding or restriction of movement.  The Voyage was also a hit off the course, as it looks great for a casual day at the office or night out.

If you live in a climate that allows for cold weather play, you most certainly want to be equipped properly for a variety of conditions. The Winter ‘17 line from Antigua, with pull-ups ranging from light windbreakers to full on jackets, should be an essential part of any golfer’s weather repertoire. See them at

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