Beltology – Dress Your Game up in Style

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Beltology – Dress Your Game up in Style

One of the latest trends in golf fashion has been the onset of the stylized belt. A number of small companies are finding a foothold in golfer’s closets by offering everything from traditional leather to nylon strap belts. An even larger number are offering items like milled buckles. It’s clear that to emerge atop the belt crowd, you need a unique idea, competitive price point and compelling designs. Enter Beltology, offering a unique “no-hole” system allowing golfers to adjust to a perfect fit

The Company

Started in 2014, Beltology draws its inspiration for their belts from stretch woven belts of Swedish origin. The company offers over 40 designs ranging in price from $55-75 and while they offer waist-sizing, the stretchable nature of Beltology belts can be as tight or as loose as desired. No holes in the belts is as close to custom fit as you can get off the shelf with a golf belt. And, as of May 2015, the company is moving away from seasonal releases to a weekly cycle, so expect more exciting and relevant designs on a more frequent basis

The Belt

Everything about the Beltology belt is simply fun. My review belt arrived in a minimal-sized box, with a carry bag that could double for a valuables pouch on the golf course. The belt itself was a ‘Mother of All’ design in a size 32. The width was consistent with a more traditional belt, and the leather trim rounded out a belt I’d expect to pay more for (Mother of All retails for $60). On the course, the belt was comfortable, and the lack of holes did not hinder the belt’s ability to stay in place during play. The stretch webbing performed well in a hotter climate, where excessive sweat can sometimes make a leather belt a little heavy and uncomfortable.

Beltology took inspiration from other hip startups to bring a stretchy, comfortable, infinitely fitted belt to more than just golfers. These belts look great on and off the course, in the office and at a weekend barbecue. Ranging from $55-$75, they’re easy to buy for every occasion. For more information, see their website at and follow them on social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

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