Callaway MD3 Wedges – A Fresh Look for Fresh Grooves

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Callaway MD3 Wedges – A Fresh Look for Fresh Grooves

Callaway would like for you to think they are a distance-obsessed company.  In many regards, they are, launching drivers and woods in the last 3 years considered to be the hottest available to weekend warriors.  Bertha Long and various other marketing spin on long have been a staple on the stigma that we all have as amateurs.  More distance.  So, smartly, Callaway blitzes us with a bevy of offerings across the entire bag promising explosive, forgiving distance.  However, tucked away amidst all that distance is a set of short game tools for the green side artist in all of us.  And yes, while Callaway does market them, the message lacks the same shock-jock mentality as their kin at the top of the bag.  The latest iteration of wedges in Callaway’s line, the Mack Daddy 3 (MD3) are tools of precision, scalpels, not hammers, and can enable the same elation derived from a long drive to a 40 yard pitch.

The MD3 is the successor to the Mack Daddy 2 wedge, released in 2013.  These forged offerings gave players a unique groove pattern and creative milling on the face to help enable greater spin from all lies.  The Mack Daddy 2 offered a few grinds and finishes, and also implemented a very unique ‘PM Grind’ wedge, replicating the same setups preferred by Phil Mickelson.  The MD3 is a true next generation wedge that uses what Callaway learned from Mack Daddy 2 and taking it further.  Some quick highlights of the tech packed inside:


Three Grinds – W (A wider sole geared for steeper swing angles and sand playability), C (heel and toe relief for versatility and creativity in shot-making) and S (standard sole, playable from all lies and shot types)

Weight Distribution – small ports in the back of the blade allow for repositioning of weight to allow for more forgiveness and control

Progressive Groove Optimization – 3 grooves shaped in a manner to ensure a smoother transition from irons to wedges.  Each set progresses to enhance spin as the loft goes up.

For testing, I received a 52 and 56 degree W (56) and S (52) grind model, and took them out to my favorite hole to simulate shots that I would normally encounter in a regular round.  Given the way I play, that means that I am looking for how effectively I can recover from a miss.  Green side chips, shots from the rough and full shots with the 52* were up.  What stood out to me the most was how easy the MD3s were to control from the rough.  With my regular gamers shots from the rough yielded more than my fair share of fliers that would shoot out hot and have zero spin.  The MD3s, while coming out hot, did manage to hold the green for the majority of shots played.  Short chips and sand shots checked up perfectly when executed with skill, and I found both grinds to be a very playable middle ground for a sole profile.  Groupings on all types of shots were also tight (+/-4 yards), indicating to me that these wedges are both precise and, more importantly, forgiving.

Overall, I would give the Callaway MD3 Milled wedges a high recommendation on one condition: you, the player, get a proper wedge fitting to determine if you’re playing the right lofts and grinds to begin with.  Playing with the wrong specs on your wedges is akin to giving a young driver a Ferrari – sure, the mechanics of driving are the same, but the pairing is a set up for disaster.  So, again, GO GET FIT.  Once you know what you should be playing, I can guarantee you’ll have the same results as I did with the MD3.

Packed with the lessons learned from the Mack Daddy 2 and some new tricks up its sleeve, the Callaway MD3 wedge line shines.  They’re precise, forgiving, and if you are still holding on to your 2009 grooves, let them go. The new era of wedge grooves in the MD3 are just as good. For more information, see

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