ClubCrown Stripe – New Life for an Old Driver

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ClubCrown Stripe – New Life for an Old Driver

Last year, I was fortunate enough to review the Club Crown product, an industrial crown covering for your woods that come in a variety of patterns.  I had a 3 wood that I really loved, but with time and shanks, the crown had been badly scuffed.  After speaking with the company, I shipped my 3 wood to them, and within a week had it back, ready for many more years of service.  Since then, Club Crown has introduced a product for the retail space, that anyone can do in their own garage with minimal knowledge and 30 minutes to spare.  The Club Crown Stripe is available at major retailers and golf courses for MSRP $19.99, and is an easy way to cover knicks and scratches on a driver or fairway wood.

For my sample, I decided to use the Callaway XHOT driver I reviewed last year.  I still play this driver occasionally but had a big scratch from lending it to a friend.  Inside the Club Crown package are the instructions, an alchol prep pad, and two stripes, one for practicing and the one you will actually keep.  To install, you align a cutting stripe along the back side of the club, position the Club Crown Stripe, pull the strip quickly to trim the rear and you’re good to go.  Very simple.  I’ve had more trouble placing a screen protector on a smartphone than I had installing the Club Crown Stripe.

There are a couple of precautions you want to take, though.  With each stripe comes a small rectangular piece you want to align to the sweet spot (center) of the club.  This will allow you to align the stripe properly along the crown of the club and ensure it points straight.  The other thing you want to ensure is that you prep the head with the alcohol pad, as a clean crown is critical for proper adhesion of the stripe.  I did not clean mine for the practice install, but did when I installed the “keeper” stripe.  While installing, you will get some bubbles in the tape, but the Club Crown stripe is durable enough to be pulled up, bubbles run out with your finger, and reinstalled.  The two pictures above were taken about 5 minutes apart, and the entire process takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

At $19.99 and available nearly everywhere golf equipment is sold, the ClubCrown Stripe is a perfect holiday stocking stuffer.  For more information, see them online at

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