Cobra Golf King LTD Driver – High in Distance, Low in CG

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Cobra Golf King LTD Driver – High in Distance, Low in CG

Coming into the end of 2015, I really thought I had seen the driver that would define the year. And, although it was a best seller and popular among other blogs, it really didn’t push anything new to the forefront, or drive competitors to flip their research departments on their heads. Then, in November, Cobra Golf dropped details on a driver unlike any other – the King LTD. Made of (literally) space-age materials and boasting a CG on the neutral axis of the club, the King LTD made me sit up and take notice. I was able to take one out for a couple of rounds recently, and at a high level, Cobra dropped the gauntlet for 2016.


Cobra came to the table with a driver that looks like yours, but in all other ways is a different animal:

Crown/Face – Through a partnership with CASIS (Center for Advancement in Science and Space), Cobra was able to research lightweight materials of superior strenth and apply them to golf clubs. What they came back with was a TexTreme carbon fiber crown and forged 811SS face that combine a lightweight body and face with an abnormally large sweet spot. The idea here is that faster club speeds and more forgiveness equal distance.

SpacePort – a 16gram weight positioned in the rear-center of the club enables the Zero CG configuration. The King LTD with Spaceport is the lowest/most rearward CG in a production driver today. A low/rear CG enables amateur golfers to launch the ball high with faster ball speed, enabling greater distance.

MyFly – The King LTD also features MyFly technology, Cobra’s proprietary loft adjustment system, adjustable from 9 degrees to 12 degrees in half-degree increments (The PRO version range is 7 to 10 degrees)

Basically, Cobra went to space, gathered data, came back and used what they learned to build a raw distance monster. If you aren’t interested by now, then go dust off that illegal Killer Bee you bought from a garage sale for $10 and try to keep up on the course. When the King LTD was first announced, I saw some early buzz at how long it was, but more so about the forgiveness. Friends were commenting that hitting 280 on rails was routine, and that the King LTD really perked up when you tried to step out of line on it. I had to get my hands on one.


In Play

Over the course of two days with the King, I played 54 holes and had some time for regular testing. In short, Cobra has delivered. The unit I played was a 9.5 degree with the stock Aldila Rogue shaft in S-Flex. The shaft was 60 grams, which also helps in generating speed. Again, having heard my friends relay their own experience, I was a little over-eager to try to cook one off the first driver tee I came to. My normal driver distance when I stay in my shoes and focus on mechanics is a solid, repeatable 255 yards. Not ripping the cover off, but certainly a distance I can work with. My first swing with the Cobra, cold, right out of the headcover yielded a 272 yard bomb that actually stuck me in an unfavorable lie given the line I chose. And, as most of my pals have lamented, the distance is unreal, but the feel of the King LTD is another thing altogether. Confession: I have always hated how Cobra drivers sound. A tinny, metallic Ping that, to me, always sounded like a baseball bat on a tank. The King LTD has a really mellow, muted sound that, at first, feels dull off the face but quickly translates to flush hits off the sweet spot. To be fair, I did hit a few well off-center and in all instances, there was no distance loss.

Between live rounds, I managed to fit in some comparison testing to see, for myself, how the King LTD performed against my gamer. In a time crunch, I used my favorite hole at my club, based on the setup and confidence it instills when I tee up. I hit five balls each with my gamer and the King LTD. Overall, the Cobra King LTD was 11 yards longer than my gamer. My best drive between both yielded a 20 yard difference, as I laid my gamer out for 270 and the King out for 290. For me, this is significant because the King consistently put me a club shorter to the hole, increasing scoring chances greatly.

The future is now with the Cobra King LTD, zero CG is real, and if you’re in the market for a new driver the King is a must-hit. Available at all big-box retailers and online for $449.99, it may be the longest club to shorten your score that you’ve ever used. Get more information at

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