GolfJet – A Fresh Take on the Box Service

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GolfJet – A Fresh Take on the Box Service

Subscription boxes have taken a turn to the average consumer in the last year.  Once a lavish, expensive luxury for those with an excess of dispensible income, vendors have now emerged with cost-effective, life-friendly options for every budget.  Food clubs, wine clubs and even apparel clubs are dotting a landscape and filling a demand for things people need on a recurring basis.  In the golf space, however, there is a sore lack of box services, until now.  GolfJet, an Australian company, is setting its sights on filling a player’s need for balls, gloves and a great app in one convenient monthly service.  I had a chance to give the service a spin recently, and can certainly see the benefits.

The service starts at $37.95 per month, where to your door are delivered:

  • Tour level Jet golf balls (qty. 9 or 12)
  • Golf Glove
  • JetBlade Tees (qty. 3)
  • Access to the GolfJet app (available on iOS and Android)

My evaluation package had a dozen of the TourJet golf balls, a GolfJet hat and glove.  While I did not have access to the app, I did some light evaluation in a live round.

The TourJet golf ball is the center of the package.  The idea being if you play enough, a monthly delivery of fresh golf balls is always welcome (to this I would agree).  The ball itself is offered in two variants:

  • The Jet 3 is a 3-piece, 332 dimple ball geared toward a flatter, lower spin flight with distance in mind.
  • The Jet 4 is a 4-piece, 332 dimple ball geared for more aggressive swings and produces a higher spin, higher flighted ball with stopping power built in.

My evaluation package came with 12 Jet 4 balls.  I played them over the course of 3 rounds, and they perform like a mid-level tour ball.  Not quite super-premium, but enough for my game that I would put them in permanent play.  They felt great off the tee, and I saw a significant difference in greenside/putting performance over similar balls from major manufacturers.

In my opinion, where the package really shines is the glove.  Cabretta leather is the standard in any quality glove, and the GolfJet glove does not disappoint.  Even over my email fitting, the glove that came felt like it was built for my hand personally.  Soft and durable, the glove withstood whatever I could throw at it.  And, because I treated it like I was getting a fresh one in a month, I was surprised at how well it performed after multiple exposures to water, sweat, and simply just throwing it in the bag.  Between what I would pay for a glove of this quality, the balls came at a high value.

The GolfJet package is much more than monthly balls and glove delivery.  The app, while for me was somewhat restricted, shows promise.  Handicap tracking, social features, GPS and a Smartwatch app are only scratching the surface of what GolfJet can provide.  For the price of a dozen super-premium golf balls per month, you can get nearly the same dozen balls, tees and a great glove delivered to your doorstep.  I’d highly recommend checking out their website for more information at  You can also follow them on social media at and

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