Imperial Headwear – Keep a Cool Head in any Situation

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Imperial Headwear – Keep a Cool Head in any Situation

It’s hot in South Texas. Recently, the temperature has hit 100 degrees in the afternoon, and if the heat doesn’t bother you, the humidity will. Having tried every piece of gear that promises faster drying or cooling powers, it’s easy to say I’ve become a cynic when something new comes along. But, like a Pavlovian dog, I must have it. Recently, Imperial Headwear sent over a cap that features innovative technology to keep your head cool during play. Referred to as CoolCore, the hats at a high level feature:

  • Wicking – The hat is made of fabric designed to wick sweat away from your head, which eliminates hot spots and keeps your head drier overall
  • Regulated Evaporation – controlled drying of the hat itself sustains a cooling effect on your head, reducing overall temperatures
  • Sun Protection – the fabric is UPF 45, helping to keep your skin protected

The hats require an activation for the cooling effect to take place.  You can either let it get wet naturally (sweating), or dip it in water.  Either way, once it’s wet, taking the hat and shaking it will activate the cooling features and an almost immediate difference is felt.  I wore the hat everywhere, playing golf, working in the yard, and anywhere else I knew I’d be sweating.  I found that a balance was needed to get the most benefit of the CoolCore – soaking the hat would overwhelm the technology, while waiting to saturate it with sweat took too long to realize the benefits.  For my hat, a light coat of water from wet hands struck the perfect balance of a hat that’s wearable and activated CoolCore.  In all my activities in the Imperial, I noticed a difference, and my head was always comfortable.  The CoolCore hat also fit well, not pinching anywhere or seams that seemed to jut out.  My model, the Kaldur, retails at $35, slightly more expensive that a run of the mill tour cap, but it actually works.

The weather in Texas is often an oppressing heat ripe with humidity.  It’s the kind of weather that can make the most mundane tasks unbearable.  Whether I was playing golf, mowing the yard or chatting with friends at a cookout, the Imperial Headwear Kaldur with CoolCore kept my head cool, dry and comfortable.  For more information, see their website at and follow them on social media: Twitter, Facebook.

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