Puma Golf TitanTour Ignite – The Everyday Tour Shoe

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Puma Golf TitanTour Ignite – The Everyday Tour Shoe

Shoes are an often overlooked piece of gear in a golfer’s inventory.  Even for the most avid players, they’re worn ~30 times a year, and, perceptively, isn’t seen as a place where quality is economy.  In a majority of cases, shoes came from a clearance bin, have spikes that are far beyond worn and actually can negatively affect play.  The new TitanTour Ignite from Puma, while a bit steep in price, proves that indeed quality does equal economy.  Featuring enough tech packed into a shoe to keep a startup busy, the TitanTour Ignite can provide years of service given proper care and feeding of the full leather upper.

“For that price, I can get shoes and 3 dozen balls”

OK, let’s just address the elephant in the room here.  At $160MSRP, the Ignite is not cheap.  But that was a statement I heard more than once when I told my friends and playing buddies about the shoes.  Obviously, my first response is to openly question the ball choice, but the nerve it struck was deeper.  Sure, you could buy shoes off the budget rack, but you’ll be back sooner than you’d like.  I mean, it IS your money.  But, if you’re like me, you like to spend it wisely and get the most mileage you can out of a purchase as mundane as golf shoes.  For me, the full-leather, waterproof upper was enough to justify the cost, but let’s dive deeper into exactly what the Ignite has going for it:

  • PWRCOOL – Probably the most exciting innovation in the shoe is the use of insole technology, varying materials that optimize the storage, transfer and release of heat throughout the shoe, keeping your feet comfortable for longer, hotter rounds.
  • PWRFRAME – Between your feet and the course, a layer of lightweight polyurethane frame the flexible parts of the shoe, helping it to respond like a spikeless but offer the traction of a spiked cleat.
  • DUOFLEX – Intuitive spike plate layout on the bottom of the shoe complements the PWRFRAME by supporting natural foot movement flex

The overall result is a shoe that, on paper, reads like bed slipper feel and rottweiler grip. Could they live up?



On Course

I used an unorthodox method to assess comfort in TitanTour Ignite.  Because of limited time and daylight, rather than play in them right away, I walked my dog in them.  Crazy, I know, but given that I live on my home course, it made sense and could simulate what it was like to walk 18 in them.  Not only did I walk the dog in them the first night, but I did for a solid week after.  Between the superior fit, the cushion was excellent and the DUOFLEX really help them feel like a responsive, natural shoe.  No blisters, no soreness, just two big endorsing thumbs up from me on the comfort front.  When I did take to the course with my clubs, the TITANTOUR Ignite really shined.

I often stress the importance of being fit for golf clubs, but rarely give more than a beat or two on shoes.  That is not the case here.  By having appropriately fit shoes, I played much more confidently, mostly knowing my heel wouldn’t shift during my backswing or that my feet would slide in the shoes laterally during my downswing.  The TITANTOUR fit incredibly well, which also added to the comfort factor in an exponential manner.  Grip was outstanding, utilizing a spike system that is easily replaced by your favorite spike brands off the shelf.  The soft spikes themselves are wearing very well, making the TITANTOUR a great investment and for a player who doesn’t get out as much, makes these a 2-3 season shoe no problem.  Loose/wet turn grip was superior, and there was very little lateral flex during the loading portion of the backswing, despite the softness of the leather upper.  Overall, an accessible tour shoe that shines at your private club or public muni.


Buying premium golf shoes is always a hard choice.  A player can always justify cutting on shoes to buy more of…well, anything to support their game.  However, for the right player, the one understands that quality does in fact equal economy, the Puma TITANTOUR Ignite is one heck of a package.  A true Tour-level upper supporting serious technology underneath, a golfer only needs regular spike changes and some basic leather cleaner to keep them looking new and performing at the highest level for many seasons.  Available at most major golf outlets and online for an MSRP of $160, see http://www.pumagolf.com for more information.




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