Srixon Z545 Driver – A Cotillion for a Japanese Standard

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Srixon Z545 Driver – A Cotillion for a Japanese Standard

Technically, a cotillion is a type of dance where partners switch frequently under the guidance of one “lead couple”.  A cotillion is also a social rite of passage, like a debutante party.  Srixon, in my mind, is hosting one hell of a party with the introduction of the Z line of woods and irons in the United States.  Many players familiar with the equipment space will recognize Srixon as a great ball company with a huge Tour presence.  Srixon also has a large Asian presence in the club market, offering a wide array of forged irons and woods that are popular on Asian Tour circuits.  Beginning in late 2014, Srixon has introduced a Z series of clubs for the US market, most notably the Z545 and Z745 driver/woods family.  A few weeks ago, Srixon was kind enough to send me a Z745 driver to evaluate for review.  The short story on this driver is a long, forgiving driver with subtle looks and extensive adjustability.  Just the thing a player needs for their #journeytobetter.

The Z series driver comes in two configurations: the Z545, a 460cc sized head, shallow faced club for moderate swing speeds and mid-high handicappers, while the Z745 is aimed at better players with a compact 430cc head, deeper face and more ability to work the ball and shape shots.  Both versions feature a Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro Kage shaft available in R, S and X flex.  Both are available in 9.5 and 10.5 degree versions (the Z545 offers an 8.5 option) and are both available in right hand configurations only.  Both clubs are also packed with technology:

  • Quick Tune System (QTS) – The Z series driver features the same standard adjustments to loft and lie that most manufacturers offer, but alongside a new weight system that can be adjusted with the same wrench.  Each driver comes with a small weight kit containing a 3g and 11g weight to adjust overall club weight and tune ball flight/launch angle.  The driver ships with a 7g weight in the QTS port.
  • Titanium Cup Face – Once an offering in tour only models and premium market clubs, the Z545 employs a Titanium face that promote high ball speeds and a generous sweet spot
  • Variable Face Thickness – Not exclusive to Srixon, the idea of a varying face thickness increases the size of the sweet spot, increases COR (springiness) of the face and works with the titanium to promote faster ball speeds and longer drives.

Srixon seems pretty committed to making the Z line as fast and forgiving as possible, right?

I played the Z545 in 8 actual rounds and some on-course testing against my current gamer.  Spoiler alert: It’s a beast.  With the 3 gram weight installed, my ball flights were too high.  Normally, I would just ask for an X-flex (mine was Stiff) to test it more consistently with my fitted gamer, but instead I decided to try the heavier weight from the QTS package.  In a matter of a few seconds I had the weight changed, and came out with flatter, lower trajectory that I was used to.  I picked up about 3 yards over my gamer, but not in carry, mostly in rollout.  What I also gained over my gamer was more playable drives, as the Z545 is dead straight.  The Z545 only got a little out of control when I would try to step on it and swing out of my shoes.  I blame the shaft in this instance, as I’ve never played a Kuro Kage I could really load up.  Overall, I’d say this is a great driver for a mid-high handicapper who swings within themselves and is in need of accuracy.  Yards were definitely left on the table in my case, and a proper fitting would likely make the Z545 a completely different animal in my bag.  On the other hand, my experience with the Z545 were some of the best I’ve had with an “off the shelf” club.  Perhaps manufacturers are getting better at dialing in from the factory?

Both Z545 and Z745 are available online and in stores for $399.  A little pricey, but the overall package has a premium feel to it.  My best suggestion to you, as always is to see a fitter and hit this driver in a few different shafts, because the head is as solid as any I’ve hit.  For more information, see Srixon’s website at and find them on social media at and



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