Sunice Allendale Pullover – Layer Up in Serious Style

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Sunice Allendale Pullover – Layer Up in Serious Style

I make no secret that I love a good pullover. A couple of years ago, Sunice sent me an Ollie from their 2012 line and it quickly became my go to outer layer in the mild Texas Fall and Winter weather. I wore it so much that the seam of the front pocket began to peek through due to extended amounts of washing. Luckily, a few weeks ago, Sunice sent me the follow-up to my beloved Ollie – the Allendale. Crafted of the same Polyester/Spandex blend of the Ollie, the Allendale came to me with an updated fit and updated style that, so far, I’m really loving.

The Allendale scratches every itch I have when evaluating a pullover – 3/4 zip, lightweight, warm and stylish. The poly/spandex blend fits close to the body, doesn’t hinder movement and is the perfect cool weather layer over a polo or technical fabric shirt. It is also very easy to stow away in a bag when the weather warms up. The Allendale also features a small front pocket, perfect for tees, ball marker or other small golf accoutrement. Pair the flat stock¬†front stitching, and you will be finding more reasons to wear it than just golf.

Oddly enough, I had to wait until recently to really evaluate the cool/cold weather capability of the Allendale. The fall weather here in Texas has been unseasonably warm, and most playing opportunities have been in shorts and short-sleeves. Around Thanksgiving, we received our first cold snap, so out I went in the Allendale as a top layer, and a Nike Dri-Fit long sleeve shirt as the base. Even warming up with practice swings, it was clear the Allendale is made for golf. It hugs your body in the right places, and allows for a snag-free swing lacking any kind of clothing distraction. The poly/spandex blend also kept me very warm in the mid-50s temperatures I played in. The Allendale (and many other pieces in the Sunice golf line feature SuperLite FX technology, that combines warm weather performance, moisture routing and breathability into one fabric. The result is a light, warm comfortable pullover that performs as it should. What I also found was that any time I wasn’t golfing, but needed a casual top to wear out shopping or running errands, the Allendale was always within reach.

If you’re seeking a mild-weather performance pullover, look no further than the Sunice Allendale. MSRP is $89.99, and more information is available at Follow Sunice on Social Media at ¬†and on Twitter at

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