SwingOIL – Everyday Joint Improvement for Golf

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SwingOIL – Everyday Joint Improvement for Golf

Nutrition, as a tool in a golfer’s arsenal for improvement, is often overlooked.  For many of us, golf is a hobby, and to pay for that hobby we work desk jobs, sitting for large portions of the day.  As we age, this can lead to many “ghost” issues that quietly rob performance, of which no new driver or ball will make up for.  This is where SwingOIL, a new supplement targeted for golfers, aims to help.  I had the opportunity to try the product for two weeks, and overall I noticed a difference in my own trouble areas – knees, elbows and hands.

SwingOIL is a combination of seven different ingredients for a one-stop solution:

  • Glucosamine and 2-Chondoitron – promoters of joint health.  These were my main interests in the product, as my knees often sound like a popcorn machine when I walk or run.
  • Taurine – an energy booster, the same one found in many energy drinks, although the dosage in SwingOIL is less.
  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract – a stress reliever…I had no previous experience with this compound.
  • Ginseng – promotes focus and clear thinking – having read many studies on Ginseng, I myself am skeptical of its benefits alone, but it seems to fit the SwingOIL package well.
  • Citrulline Malate – big in popularity with the powerlifting crowd for its seemingly miracle recovery ability.
  • Turmeric – a standard anti-inflammatory compound similar to Ibuprofen.

Again, the SwingOIL formula covers everything a golfer (or any athlete, for that matter).  Because I had a 14-day supply and knowing that Glucosamine needs some time to build before results are seen, I am splitting the evaluation between immediate and longer-term use.

In the short-term, I noticed a slight mood change, slightly better focus and a smooth kick of energy, like having a small cup of coffee.  Where I noticed it in my game was primarily in target selection, alignment and commitment to the shot, which are areas that can really go south for me as a round progresses.  With a limited supply, I only drank the SwingOIL before playing/practice.  However, in larger quantities, it would be a great supplement to a snack while making the turn.

As my supply dwindled, I started to feel stronger in my knees and elbows, which are, as I mentioned, trouble areas from years of running, cycling and golf.  My knees certainly popped less and my elbows started to last much longer into the round before they would begin to fade.  In fairness, I should definitely seek out some physical therapy, so I did not expect the SwingOIL to be a cure-all, but was impressed by the performance.  Best of all, what I got from a quick liquid shot covered what would take a number of pills and powders to achieve the same effect.

As with all nutritional supplements, a healthy dose of skepticism and reality are the key to satisfaction.  SwingOIL will not cure tennis elbow, or mend a bad knee, but what it will do is provide a smooth burst of energy, increased focus and a great on-course boost.  The pouches start at a 12-pack for $34.95 and go up from there.  For more information, check them out at http://www.swingoil.com and visit them on Twitter and Facebook.


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