Waveborn Sunglasses – Protect Your Eyes and Give Back in Style

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Waveborn Sunglasses – Protect Your Eyes and Give Back in Style

Philanthropic companies cater to life’s basic needs and beyond.  They often offer stylish products and give consumers an easy way to give back or support a cause through purchase.  Organizations like Tom’s shoes, One Laptop per Child and Warby Parker give back through purchases and supply needy individuals with shoes (Tom’s), technology investments (OLPC) and eye care (Warby Parker).  Replenish Water helps bring clean drinking water preparation tools to communities through sales of bottled water.  So, what does this have to do with golf?  Everything, it seems, if you wear sunglasses on and off the course.  Waveborn is a relatively new (2011) company on the charitable giving scene, selling quality sunglasses and giving back in a unique way.

Before we review the product, it is worth diving into how the company operates.  Rather than start their own endeavor, Waveborn has partnered with SEE International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing ocular medical treatment to those without access (mainly to developing nations).  Since SEE was founded in 1974, they have treated 3 million patients and performed 400,000 eyesight restoring surgeries.  A large majority of these cases are simply cataract treatments, which on average take 30 minutes and cost an average of $100.  SEE estimates that 80% of blindness cases worlwide are preventable, and most of these cases are in developing countries.  Where Waveborn comes in is through charitable giving through sales.  You can give one of two ways – you can opt to donate a pair of glasses or help fund eye treatments through SEE.  From an Indiegogo project in 2011 to now helping directly fund eye care to developing nations, Waveborn has been on a wild, but noble ride.

But, what about the catalysts of all this change, the sunglasses?  Waveborn offers a number of different frames in a series of collections.  Traditional styles like the Wayfarer and a full line of women’s frames round out an impressive, but affordable collection (glasses range from $74.99 and up).  Each pair share the same basic quality build traits:

  • UV-400 protection (which your gas station glasses do not, I assure you)
  • lightweight polycarbonate construction to allow for a thinner, less-bulky frame
  • compatibility with prescription lenses when required
  • Non-prescription frames feature Carl Zeiss optics lenses

My pair was the Zuma model from the Sport collection with the mirror UV lenses with a rubber matted finish and optional polarization.  My first impression was how light they felt on my face.  I tend to lean towards wiry frames, but even with the perceived bulk of the Zuma, they felt much lighter than my everyday glasses.  The rubber finish was also very comfortable, and took only a few minutes of wear to get used to.  I’d say if you already wear a style like the Zuma, you’d be satisfied from the moment you put them on.

On course, they exceeded expectations.  I had reservations that the rubber might chafe my nose when I sweat, or that they’d move around while playing, but none of those reservations were met.  The polarization of the Waveborn was better than my everyday pair, likely due to the quality of the Zeiss lenses, and I experienced zero movement in the 5 rounds I used them.  One of the greatest compliments I can give apparel is that I forget that it’s there and it just becomes part of me.  The Waveborns passed that test with flying colors.  I only one had to remove them to wipe the lenses (give me a break, it’s Texas and I sweat a great deal!).

There are a number of options available to the golfer who demands quality eyewear at just about every budget level.  However, it is hard to argue with what Waveborn stands for, and what they produce.  You would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t consider Waveborn in your next round of sunglasses shopping – they may be the last pair you buy.  More information, model/collection breakdowns, and even how to get involved with the cause is available at www.waveborn.com.  Follow them on social media – Twitter, Facebook , Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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